"Stolen Poems" - Youth Funeral

New song by one of my bands

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Hey Everyone! Dylan’s Six String Story Part II is up! Talks about “Always Focused” and the song writing process.Thank you Alternative Press  !

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Skeletal lightning making me feel rad getting this 7”


Skeletal lightning making me feel rad getting this 7”

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"Hey, just curious if you're going to get any more copies of the sorority noise lp from dog knights? I missed out since they sold so fast lol" by Anonymous

Yes, should be getting another shipment in about two weeks!

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+ Hello, my pretties! #tinymovingparts #oldmaidcoffeewithtom #skeletallightning #vinyl #screenprinting

Hello, my pretties! #tinymovingparts #oldmaidcoffeewithtom #skeletallightning #vinyl #screenprinting


New YOUTH FUNERAL song off our split 7” with SCOWLER.

Pages of a life taken from me and lost forever.

Some words I can’t rebuild.
Pages of a life—
Some words I can’t rebuild.
—taken from me.

Farewell, friend.

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Old Gray w/ Scowler, Funeral Bloom, & Teenage Swoon @ The Annex in Austin, TX.

Photos by Andrew Dominguez

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"What are you guys recording? LP2?" by Anonymous


Split 7”s

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The one true love


The one true love

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