Out now on Skeletal Lightning:

Brighter Arrows - Dream Life Compendium tape.

"Dream Life Compendium" is a curious and cohesive mixtape of sorts, featuring the band’s demos, early recordings, and a "Dreamliner" B-side that all allude to the full-length.

Pro-dubbed and /100. Includes full color fold out J-card, white imprinting, and download code.

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Locktender - Kafka tape

Locktender is a concept focused hardcore band concentrating on artists and their works interpreted through music, lyrics & art. Every album is an artist, every song is a different work.¬†"Kafka" is the band’s first proper full-length release.

Pro-dubbed, hand-numbered, and /100. Includes folded lyrics insert, full color j-card, and download code.

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Elesh Norn - All The Pain I Built Up tape

Ear crushing, soul sucking screamo from Denton, TX. Featuring members of Father Figure, Two Knights, and more really good bands.

Pro-dubbed, hand-numbered, and /100. Includes hand written A/B sides, full color j-card, and download code.

Purchase // Stream

Visit for more info.

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